Cities and urban areas are vital for the social and economic development of regions and nations. They are important drivers for innovation, growth and job creation and provide room for individual lifestyles and diversity. On the other hand, cities and densely populated urban areas are tackled by global societal challenges such as climate change, dependence on fossil fuel energy consumption, increasing traffic volume, air and noise pollution, demographic change, migration and social injustice to only name a few. It is forecasted that in 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities and urban areas. CARPE partners are looking for student projects which will address or have addressed the outlined challenges and which come up with ideas for some innovative solutions.

We are looking for project proposals that look into the future and develop new ideas to address the above mentioned challenges.

First stage:

  • Organize a team of 3 students from your University. Reflect on possible problems you want to address and brainstorm into possible solutions.
  • Select a project idea and develop it into a short video (3-5 minutes) where the team presents the problem and outlines their approach for solving it.

 Second stage

  • From the presented videos oneis selected by each University evaluation team.
  • This team represents the CARPE member on the Valencia CARPE conference.
  • The selected team will describe the way they are planning to reach the project goal and outcomes of the project, what impact it will have, the feasibility of the project and a proposal how to finance the project . A presentation with maximum 20 slides or video max 10-15 minutes has to be prepared.

Third stage:

  • Travel to Valencia.
  • The 5 selected teams (one per University) present their project live with the slides (videos and/or models are optional).
  • The jury (one member per University) selects the winning team.

Competition criteria

  • You are a group of students of one of the CARPE university.
  • Your project proposal meets the CARPE topics and the criteria mentioned for the First and Second stage

Proposal criteria

Stage Project Objectives
First Provide a clear and concise (high-level) statement of the goals and objectives of the project as well as the expected or reached outcomes.
Second ·         Technical Scope Summary: Provide a description of the overall work scope and approach to achieve the objective(s) and their impact.

·         Task to be performed: The section should describe the specific activities to be conducted over the life of the project.  This section provides a summary of the planned approach to this project and should clearly articulate what activities and outcomes must be accomplished


March 2019 CARPE challenge announced at each University
June 2019 Submit first stage proposals
July 2019 Selection of 1 video
July-October 2019 University teams prepare their final presentation including bio team for publication on conference website
23/25-10-2019 CARPE Conference UPV November 2019, Finals CARPE Challenge

Competition contact persons per UAS:

  1. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Kathrin Rath
  2. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Marije Braun,
  3. Turku University of Applied Sciences, Anu Härkönen,
  4. Universitat Politècnica de València, Javier Orozco Messana,
  5. The University of Debrecen, Zsolt Varga,