Drivers or Driven: Roles and Strategies of Universities in the Digital Age

Digitization is one of the central drivers of modern societies. Higher education intuitions are an elementary part of the accompanying changes and effects of digitization. The far-reaching processes of change offer numerous potentials and challenges in shaping the digital turn. It is not just about improving teaching and learning, but about education for actively shaping digitized societies and their working worlds. These are complex tasks, which are challenging universities as organizations as well as asking for the further development of teaching, learning, curricular, research, administration and IT infrastructure. Furthermore, universities have to develop new forms of cooperation, networks and dialogue with economic, political and civil society actors in order to exert a creative influence on the future of a digital society.

So, digitization as a phenomenon encourages universities to reflect and rethink their roles and strategies. Which relevance digitization has for Universities of Applied Sciences? What can and should be their role in shaping digitization and dealing with the challenges and potentials? How can universities position themselves strategically concerning questions of digitization?

The 2-hour workshop is given by Prof. Dr. Olga Burkova, Vice-President Digitization, HAW Hamburg. The workshop combines short theoretical as a well as practice-oriented inputs with discussions on the questions outlined above.

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