Track 1. Education

Track 1. Education

24th October 2019     Chaired by: Jose Vicente Benlloch-Dualde (UPV)

12:00 “Making the change – how did we succeed? Case Innopeda” by Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen and Marjut Putkinen, from TUAS (Finland)

12:15 “How to introduce  research into university teaching: A training experience in the UPV” by A. Fernández March, E. García Félix, A. García Carbonell, J. V. Benlloch-Dualde, P. Bonet Espinosa and J. Oliver Villarroya, from UPV (Spain)

12:30 “Procedure for the evaluation of transversal competences in lab practices: application to the course on heat transfer at the UPV” by L. Montuori, C. Vargas-Salgado, D. Alfonso-Solar and P. Bastida-Molina, from UPV (Spain)

12:45 “Global challenges, local impact” by Erik Mooij, Ilse Schröder, Ed de Jonge and Frank Evers, from HU (The Netherlands)

13:00 “Design for All in Architectural Heritage conservation: the technology challenge” by Vicente López-Mateu and Teresa M. Pellicer Armiñana, from UPV (Spain)

25th October 2019     Chaired by: Harri Lappalainen (TUAS)

11:30 “eSGarden: a European initiative to incorporate ICT in schools” by Sara Blanc and J. V. Benlloch-Dualde, from UPV (Spain)

11:45 “Theoretical and Empirical Background for a Higher Education Model of Active Community Learning” by Gabriella Pusztai, Zsuzsanna Demeter-Karászi and Tímea Szűc, from U. Debrecen (Hungary)

12:00 “Empowering Youth Employment through European Digital Bootcamps (EDIBO)” by J. E. Luzuriaga, B. Sáiz Mauleón, O. Ampuero-Canellas, L. G. Lemus-Zúñiga, M. A. Mateo Pla, J. V. Benlloch-Dualde, J. González-del-Río and N. Tarazona-Berengue, from UPV (Spain)

12:15 “Stealing their beer time: turning studying for medical progress tests into a game” by Aletta Smits, Lizet van Ewijk and Annette Schenk, from HU (The Netherlands)

12:30 “Capacity building on the field of Life Sciences – potential project idea for CARPE partners” by János Felföldi, from U. Debrecen (Hungary)

All researchers willing to prepare proposals on future education practices, techniques, future programs and evaluation should bring their proposals to be developed and organized into a project. This track will tackle the topic of how teaching and learning can develop in the light of the growing trend towards digitalization. This is a great opportunity to share best practice, discuss new methods, create new projects and facilitate staff exchange and networks with international experts from across the CARPE network. Corresponds to the following topics from the Hamburg Conference:

•         Erasmus+ KA2: Capacity building on the field of Higher education

Forthcoming calls from H2020:

•         Erasmus+ all Kas

•         Marie Curie grants and network funding

•         Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes


Within this track, you might also send proposals directed specifically to the Teacher HUB In this case, write [Teacher HUB] in the title of the submission of your abstract.

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